Unique Selling Points


Our Mission - Innovative International Sourcing

CB Talents listens to clients' needs and develops a tailor-made solution for their recruitment "pains”. 


Our three solutions to contribute to solve the skills shortage challenge are:

Global Recruitment Partners Network:

More than one thousand recruitment partners across 50 countries are chasing the skills our clients describe in their job descriptions.
A Global Recruitment Coordinator allocated to each Client is the single point of contact between to a unique Talent´s database.
You do not have to access any recruitment platform, just tell us what you need and we reply with a human touch.

CB Talents Academy:

The skills you need do not exist in nearby markets in the demanded quality and quantity? Then we "produce" such skills.
CB Talents Academy helps people acquire the knowledge, skills and self-confidence they need to succeed.
Every week hundreds of applicant’s worldwide contact our Academy to acquire the skills needed to build, design and maintain computer networks, gain hard and soft competences, improve their career prospects while filling the global demand for networking professionals.

CBT IT Nearshore Outsourcing Solutions:

Our experts partners offers a high standard highly competitive service level, based on its senior competency,
adaptive business models, strict quality rules and privileged near location and partnerships.