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Dear Petronela,

I would like to thank you for the support you gave me during the process.

It has been a very fast and easy process to follow, and since the beginning the various interviewers showed a genuine interest in both my professional profile and technical skills.

The trainers at the company are very friendly and professional, I really like the company itself and the prospect of working here...plus I already became friend with my colleagues so...it's all good here

I wish you a nice day and good luck for your future endeavour.

-Salman Abu Ahmad


Testimonials_Salman Abu Ahmad

   "My recruitment process It was quiet quick as it took only a matter of days to do the interviews (1 on skype and the other on the phone) and get the job & relocation information via the e-mail.

Mr. Bruno Mendes from Cross Border Talents has explained all process in a really professional way.


So it was actually quick and easy one, and if you want to know anything else I recommended CBT to inform you!


Greetings from Athens!

- Amro Agami from Sweden    


   "My process with cb talents stared the june 23, after two mails with details about the process and experience required we had a skype interview the june 25, were Joao explained me the possition and the conditions. The following day I send my cv in English and he send it to the company, who confirm by mail the reception.


João always answer my mails very fast, any doubt about the process was solved easily. Since the first contact all the information about conditions, what company wants and what company offers was clear, he checked every time by mail or speaking that I understood the information. Thank João Martins to give the opportunity to have a work experience abroad


- Carmen Margariños from Spain    


   "I want to thank Cross Border Talents and in particular to Paulo Guimarães for his excellent work in a recruitment process that involved two leading companies internationally (from Japan and Spain). Happily I was selected for the position.  The process lasted almost a month and included six interviews in total, video conferencing and onsite meeting. Also, many exchange information was done by email and chat.
From the beginning, the process was very clear, tidy and organized and all interviews were successfully met. Paulo always kept me informed and updated and this is much appreciated at any postulating process.
Thank you Paulo and Cross Border Talents for trusting me and I am at your disposal for any help from Chile.

- Mauricio Espinoza    


   "My name is Gaetano and  I just started working for Apple support! This opportunity was provided to me thanks to Cross Border Talents.
I was hired using just emails, calls, video-chats and I have to say it was conducted in a really professional way.
The interviews were two by emails, two by phone, three by video and took about 20/30 minutes each other. 
I think I was successfully selected for this job because of the compatibility between what the company is searching for and what I am looking for. 
This is the first time in my life I feel that I was not just selected for a position instead the employer and me will have the chance to encounter each other and decide to start a collaboration.
So, thanks Carla to help and trust me, thanks also to Mr. Serrano and hope to give you good news maybe in the next year!

- Gaetano    


   "Just let me first thank you about the possibility to know me even if I was not on your contacts.

The process was good. I would say a bit longer (4 interviews, maybe because the job position is abroad) but well structured and scheduled in short time (two weeks).

The interviewers were all great listeners and I must thank you Carla, you really believed in me and explained all the procedures since the beginning and all steps for a happy end I'm in a new job with my first abroad experience.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more. Best regards,

- Vincenzo