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The world of work has changed and learning methodologies need to keep up with such changes.

CB Talents Academy provide trainings on how to operate in a wide number of programs and/or IT sectors, from Java, SAP to Microsoft .NET.
We like to say that our mission is to enable everyone to access the vast ICT job opportunities.


In order to do so we have partnered with some of the best tech companies in the world who are willing to share their expertise and therefore making our trainees more appealing to every IT company in the world.

All of this makes CB Talents Academy a pioneer in solving a global skills shortage, helping professionals to quickly understand and adapt to the latest ICT trends, improving their career prospects.


The training programs are handled in part-time and full time schedules. The duration range from 180 to 360 hours and ends with a test performed by an external entity. The courses' certificates are aligned with EQF policy and enable a job interview with client from Cross Border Talents.
>80% of our courses' attendants start a job immediately after successfully concluding our training.



Do you think programing is like "rocket science"? Six years old boys and girls are doing it!

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Do you find CODING fun? We can help you to start a fun and profitable career in the ICT world!

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